Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you offer pasture boarding?

We only offer one package of full board. Full board includes a stall and either daily or nightly turnout. We do not offer pasture boarding.


What should I wear to come ride?

Jeans or riding breeches are always the best choices for pants.  Although we only require full length pants, jeans and riding breeches grip a lot better than leggings or any other type of pants. Closed toed shoes are mandatory, but boots with a heel are preferred. Tennis shoes will also work, but most guest find boots to feel more comfortable in the stirrups.

For late fall, early spring, and winter lessons it is a good idea to bring a pair of riding gloves. Riding gloves have grips that make it easier to hold onto the reins.

Do I need a reservation to go on a trail ride or to have a lesson?

Yes. You must book something in advance over a phone call, a text, in person, or email.

Is there an age limit for riding?

Yes. Children must be strong enough to sit up with their feet in the stirrups and hold onto the horn. Children can have a lesson if they are over 4 on a lead line. Children under 10 must be ponied on a trail ride. Children must be at least 6 to go on a trail ride.

Can we trot and canter on the trails during a trail ride?

We walk in single file on the trails for the safety of all the riders. For all new riders the trail rides are strictly walking. On occasion returning guest may be able to go at a faster gait depending on the experience level of the rider or riders and also how large the group is. 

How many people can go on a trail ride?

The groups can range from one rider to four or five riders at one time on a trail ride. This depends on ages, weights, and experience levels.

Do I have to wear a helmet when riding?

Anyone under 18 must wear a helmet. If you are over 18 you have the choice to decline a helmet, but we do recommend that you use one. If you are taking a lesson and doing any type of sporting event, such as jumping or barrel racing, a helmet is required regardless of age.

Is there a weight limit for riding?

Yes. You must be under 220 pounds to go on a trail ride or lesson. Please let us know if you weight over 200 as there are only a limited number of horses available. 

Where can I find the waiver?

We have multiple copies in the office. Email us for a form.

Can my child ride with me in the same saddle? Can I hold them?

Only one rider is permitted per horse for safety reasons. If your child is not strong enough to sit up and hold on they can participate in a lesson on a lead line with an instructor.