Francesca Shelton

"Thank you so much. Our daughter had an amazing 10th birthday party. Y'all are the best. Even with the last minute change of date that I requested, y'all went above and beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend to anyone wanting a horse party. Communication and service were top notch."

Amy Van Dijk

"We had a wonderful ride with a group of 5! Our guides were incredibly informative and answered all of our questions about the horses and the property. They even let us pet their new baby horse! We highly recommend taking a ride around their ranch."

Melissa Floyd

"My kids had a blast and learned so much during their first lesson. They can't wait to take another."

Janice S.

"We had a wonderful time and our trail guides were very knowledgeable about their horses - and horses in general - plus M&M are friendly, and just plain sweet. The ride was a perfect hour, though I could have gone on longer because I liked Durango, my horse, and his gait. He is tall, so little me felt tall. And the scenery was a nice contrast to the city and concrete. I also loved the western saddle, though if you'd like I am sure the owners could accommodate an English saddle.

The barn is so clean, the horses are so cared for - they are beautiful. It is very clear how much the whole operation is a family affair - lots of love and heart.
Logistics wise, we really lucked out, we were able to get a Lyft and Uber there easily. The drivers drove up to the Barn with little problem.
I hope to come back and take a lesson or two. Thank you to those who made our experience so great. If you can't tell already, I highly recommend!!!"

Jenny D.

"Had a wonderful ride on Monday afternoon and just really enjoyed the whole experience! Can't say enough about how welcoming and knowledgeable our trail guides were, or how clean and well-cared for the horses and the ranch were. This was my first experience on a Tennessee Walking horse and Trujillo's gait was so much more comfortable than any ride I'd done before. The horse was calm and responsive, the scenery was beautiful. I've ridden a number of times, but not regularly, and this was a spectacular little adventure on a whirlwind Nashville adventure. Highly recommend!"

Angela Moon

"This place is a bit out of the way, which is why I can call it a hidden gem. My daughter and I will most definitely be returning. She had an absolute blast and I did too."

Katie F.

"Absolutely love these girls and their wonderful horses!!!! New to the area and looking for a place for our 10 daughter to take lessons. We went as a family for a trail ride first to chech the place and horses out. The girls are wise beyond there years and very knowledgeable about horse and riding. We are impressed with their drive and love their out going personalities. They truly love their horses and it shows. The horses are so well taken care of, they are calm and amazing. Needless to say we are 3 lessons in and love the whole family. We love every minute we are there."

Cindy Bruner

"We went to this amazing ranch today and had an absolute BLAST! The horses are amazing and their people, even more so!! We had an amazing half hour ride and it was so worth it! It was at sunset and just gorgeous!"

Sarah S.

"This place is seriously the best. The owners are so wonderful and very skilled and friendly riders. Their family is such a treat and their horses are so wonderful and great for all kinds of riders. The girls do riding lessons and trail rides. I didn't take pictures, but I'll just have to come back to do it!"

Dan D.

"First time on a horse in twenty years. Enjoyed the ride, the enthusias and the horses. We felt very safe. Our 8 year friend visiting from Germany and her family wanted to ride horses. I am glad she did because we enjoyed it so much and hope we find time to visit again several times a year. Although I am sure an experienced rider would be no problem, they ran things in a manner for any first time rider to enjoy. We liked the wooded trails."

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