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Daily Training Rides

Your horse will be ridden and worked with every day.


Every Other Day Training Rides 

Your horse will be worked with every other day. This is perfect for an out of shape horse to start getting back into shape.


Individual Training Rides

Our trainers can ride your horse, or you can ride him/her in a lesson like environment. The ride is usually around an hour long.


Colt Starting

Price varies depending on how far your horse is along in the training process.


Our trainers are happy to help you and your horse reach your equestrian goals. Whether your goals are show jumping competitions or calm trail rides we aim to get your horse ready. RubyFire Equestrian Center has a covered arena, an outdoor arena, a round pen, and tons of trails. Our stable is fit to give your horse the best riding atmosphere. Please call or email to discuss training options. 

Colt starting begins with lead line and lunge work. Once your horse is comfortable with verbal commands our trainers will introduce a saddle, and eventually a rider. Our trainers work at your horse's pace, and never use ropes, whips, or spurs in any way that would hurt, scare, or injure your horse. 

Aside from training young horses our trainers specialize in jumpers, but have a vast knowledge of many disciplines. Please reach out if you have a specific type of training you would like your horse to be taught. 

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